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rdship in the neighborhood we have consider land use and pedestrian activity so i come back later and talk about plaza so any colleague robin will talk about the next program thank you. >> >> we'll take a few moments to drill down into pavement to parks as we enter into our 6th year of existence it's increasingly important to be to how open spaces unequally are described different neighborhood are endo you do with parks and mraergd and pavement to parks creates new spaces where the community need them we work with a number of sponsors on both our parklets and increasing he we've
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teen e seen an interest in institutions and museums that are key to form new partnerships with pavement to parks is an enter agree program the any of us parts are lead by the the partnering partnering with the mta so there's a lot of numbers of tasks and responsibilities we royalties pavement to parks a increasing niflg the analysis of the impacts of those demonstration those temporary places have in the community we get questions all the time about parklets address mrardz are impacting public safety and the performances of local businesses and cb d this last summer we launched a initiative to look at the impacts arrest plaintiff as
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mentioned pavement to parks has technical guidance as well other kind of programs over the worldwide we'll have the privilege of meeting with the representatives of japan and places you under your regular calendar transmittal and talking to people in london other cities around the country and world are looking to san francisco as the original terrors of this technology for our guidance broadly speaking pavement to park facilitates these 3 types of programs and getting to the statistics but the larger community gathering says that the parklets the small playrooms at the curb sites and the cultivation there are 50 parklets on the ground that number keeps growing because of high demand we have 6 plaza the
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program has produced 6 plaza two are happily graduated if parks to pavement and become permanent projects and there are a number of other things floating around the city those are a look at the project distributed across the city the present my neighborhood to drill down a little bit more the types of things the pastimes to park hepatitis to inbutton we've held american people international design connection winning the competition fabricated it a party south of market was designed by students design students here in san francisco we helped to realize the community idea for a mobile cultural venue for poetry reading and concerts and the
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ocean off district this is one of the projects we find most existing and yes, ma'am mask where we want the program to move this is designed by high school students used by the art exchange program here you'll see them a quick reminder about our land program everyone is familiar with that urban type of technology urban are opportunity by private entities we've produced a lot of technical guidance where in the process of reviving that for our upcoming spring our in inform designed has been yes, ma'am laid by cities all over the world this is the park let dime thoughts of
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released in 2010 we've seen how the parklets approach this strategy this has been encoded in national guidance for urban design as with the urban street guidance parklets are sponsored by everyone from bicycle shops to cafes a beautiful one in north beach the art galleries and museums this is an art gallery in the midst that works with different artists every year so a new scripture every year that is great at creating public spaces and on powell street really long parklets relieving acute congestion to
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to prove a couple of things in the boys and girls club to the middle school this was cultural annexation as well as in the dog patch. >> so we would like to give you a couple of examples of plazas case study and again, our approach is to look at starting from short actions to long term changed how does that happy through one day usually one day to one with demonstration are followed by 12 to 36 month trial and it follow if funding that available by the plazas that is part of our program so this is a little bit of the progress we put as an example a
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couple of plaza that is the known one it it's the first pilot in the san francisco neighborhood plaza that that was an existing conditions for people that remember it that has been changed the muni turn around at castro an coast to coast and market to create a new public space in a highly congested area and a lot of visitors from all over the world and those residents who want to use it we went from phase one demonstrations only 3 months temporary materials and went or went to the plaza from may needing to 2013 in collaboration with the castro cv d and the final version on the ground is a
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permanent plaza installed folded into the castro bond we were able to bring in federal fund and brought if in by dpw this was an idea that came back with the new space to san francisco another case study similar in the making was the persia triangle this was the corner of between mission and ocean but very important community spates we found it is in the excelsior district and the specific conditions the parking lot and two roads but with the community work with the community we came up with a new idea of bringing a plaza at the crossroad of the two streets crossing with the more like market and crosswalks and the
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sitting area and mraept we came up with a concept by the studio and from there we were able to work with the capital team at mta and dpw and led them build a bulb out at the corner of market and ocean in the the construction that will think implemented in the couple of a months in the persia triangle the idea going from the community vision where people were talking about the corner into a place this is vibrant and people and we see a one day demonstrates that is happening in october 2013 and followed by a one week-long installation so we took one week to install it in september 2014 the plaza is still being stalled and there was a decorate situation and the
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corner plaza with seating and the plans so we opening day was the end of september actually and it was success the plaza is city there and said is it is updated for a permanent space with the capital fund we concluded in the alley my colleague worked on the possible then we're on for questions from you. >> so in the alley this is a case study south of market is really exemplar of our effort to increase public safety and create public space we have an expand asphalt this is in alley at mission street it was through the implementation and
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introduction of restoration or reverseable treatment and from the cultural fire department from 2 years that preceded the installation we had listed we had also implemented some trial deementsz here and days and week at a point at the alley from using the film screenings to daytime pinks and a lot of the business owners and installations were wanting to do and see more in the neighborhood this project came out of the street life that was created by yerba buena general district that identified alleys and streets throughout this district that could be a floor for potential to demonstrate new public spaces some are folded into the planning department is going to the eir
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as i mentioned two years of outreach for the final design and installation of the alley south of market we have through this summer to implement a really robust calendar we're going to see all kinds of cultural events through the day and week days and weekends quickly wrap up with our strategy plan the pavement to parks strategy plans a couple of slides it started in 2009 at the giant with experimental this is the word the types of projects we were creating the types of community engagement dwerp testing and relationships between city departments were really the formation we were trying to fourth how to bring new community spaces to our neighborhood in 2013 we paused on producing a park let and
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plaza and started to reflect on the last 4 years in terms of the sustainability in the future and roanoke, virginia there is really high demand for the project program to respond to the community 0 basically outlines the framework for the city to follow in bringing this program to greater sustainability the first was to secure escort anothers fellowship dpw and mta for the informal work to contribute to the projects as i mentioned the agency were trying to fourth how to work with one another and how to enter face with the community we want to formulas lists those for the community we're midway through our strategic plan to focus on in the upcoming year
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around permits and the legislation to set a better program thank you. >> thank you opening it up for public comment i have one speaker card pat o probated. >> he had to leave i'm being to be speaking on matt on behalf of he's the ceo of the parks alliance this is a wonderful 6 our most existing programs it creates new spaces our parks in a very crowded city we're a dense and growing city and the
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on spaces we have under incredible pressure we're looking for new places to create new opportunity for greenery and people to get together and subcontract i remember one of my first experiences with the park let was parking day. >> completely different experiences to sit on the street with a car going by 35 mile-per-hour with 3 feet away from you it gives us a sense your clinging that separates and taking offer something that rightfully along these or books to you, we think of streets as dangerous but creating those new placing and parklets in the transportation right of ways is starting to reclaim some 69 space and calm the traffic there are more benefits that come
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along with the pavement to parks programs some of the great things the pavement to paradoxes like persia triangle offer are opportunity for people to connect this is one of the ways the businesses and economic vital in the city grows i've been told that twittering was conceived on 9 top of a slide in south park i'm wondering one way or another what new ideas have come about in the pachltd to parks at persia triangle i'm urging you to condition our support of the program like staff suggested it's a an international model to hope people to follow in san francisco footprint i want to thank the staff robin and others
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have been good to work with and thank you for your support. >> a couple of more cards (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm the paperwork land manager for the pavement to parks i support the goals formalizing the rules is necessary for the program to address the current needs and future needs pavement to parks leads to the creation of spaces in the city where we need it the most he worked closely with my colleagues to do the ribbon cutting people came up and cried because they were happy to have the space and the effect it has on the neighbors it is amazing you know it's been a longs work
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in progress and people are so happy to have this space in their neighborhood to gather especially not as much green space that was nice to see them sits where it is safe and there's a lot of pedestrian accidented from cars so this give them a setting safe place to gather there are movie nights there so seeing the communities support for that project really parks lapd's supports those and especially persia triangle i'm happy to see the installation going in a couple of months and i'm not the project is great as well. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, members of the city planning commission i'm a san francisco membership
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distributor here to share and support for the pavement to parks in 2013 san francisco land use & economic development committee hemmed to get even though strategy that included the reductions for pedestrian injuries and fatalities but it also set important milestones for approving walking environment and increasing the number of walking trips in the city to support those goals and enhance the lives as well as the physical and mental health of san francisco residents and workers and visitors the pedestrian strategy called for the development of 20 parklets annual and 9 plaza by 2021 last year the pavement to parks oversaw the construction of 67 parklets with another 14 in various stages of design review and permitting and funding san
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francisco land use & economic development committee considers this to be an important program to reclimbing claim our streets they make up 25 percent of our landmass morph pavement to parks is an incredible component of public safety and the planning commissions own public endorsement of the vision zero polar the goal to end all serious traffic injuries and death by 2024 the pier triangle narrowed it to calm the traffic to provide a safe space for people to enjoy the pavement to parks program is vital to bring the region opportunity for open space has not think available like chinatown and tenderloin
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and others many of the neighborhoods are community of concern where resident bear a disproportionate burden of traffic violence so the space is made available by pavement to parks is urgent so we urge the planning commission to continue its support of the program by making sure it gets the necessary funding and encouraging partners like the sfmta and public works who are critical to the permitting project to continue to support those effective investment for the city's own vehicles thank you. >> is there any additional public comment okay public comment is closed. >> i want to quickly add i remember the very first parking day and we took it upon ourselves to take over a couple of spaces i know it was close to
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halloween i brought out dracula and franklin city council and watched but to our point you could see the reaction so congratulate to you and we're happy for franklin steno and extracting la. >> i'm very much in favor of this whole plan i have a couple of concerned stewardship was brought up who is that is going to maintain and police those is it going to be the city or the committee benefits district? particularly the plazas >> thank you good question obviously the stewardship is the main item the main building block of our program so we usually when we start a
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project we start it from day one with the sponsor so the sponsor is a nonprofit organization like in the case of persia triangle with had a extension group or the cv d from 9 alley like others so the partnership is regulated by an agreement and the permit he holders it the sponsor so the sponsor is responsible inform maintain the space and to make sure that the space is a properly activated plants are water and kept up we really don't start a project without project sponsor in plays we have people interested in starting a project in their neighborhood but didn't identify some place
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in charge so we didn't take those projects on. >> thank you from what i tell the plazas i's i've visited are in good shape because you have co-stewardship between the sprrn sponsoring and the cvc the city has started historic things like the embarcadero between mission and market? kind of a came grounds for the homeless so those of us who want to use is are precluded because we're using it for purposes not intend for by the way, that's not one of our deals and the way we look at stewardship the maintenance building for our program it is difficult to separate them so as you develop a project you
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development the community and often the installation of the spaces we try to involve resident not for all if only symbolic a day or two of work where people plant plants that will create for example we installed the planet and after a day there was one plant stolen so we immediately got 20 calls saying the plant was stole now we find - when that happened i realized that was not going to be a problem in the future because there's enough stewardship in the future. >> so in regards to the parks some merchants have claimed a little bit because there's a parking space and lots parklets
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go in i'm wondering if there's planned the city has to try to address some of the loss of the off-street parking. >> yeah. so it is obviously could be a concern for some residents or businesses but what we found so for it is actually surprisingly how very few concerns and complaints about parking lots it was actually our concern at first, we realized there are so many other benefits out weighing the one parking lot in the pro revocation i know way, do to the spice of a car how much you can achieve with that so there is that but also - we definitely look at the balance and but usually get this parking lot stalled bus the bedrooms are requesting them and
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paying for them it is a demand like a you know offer in the situation i also think that for parklets we do so a lot of benefits we're trying to start measuring for economic impact we have to eliminate data we have data showing there is an economic benefit to the business not the block or the area when a park let is installed. >> their investigated and the nature of spaces like i'm thinking of the inner richard and the sunlight they have severe parking problems so a lot of times i wanted to stop in to buy right but interests never a place to park so i'm not going
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to spend an hour looking for a parking space. >> we did a study we can give if you're interested looking at the geography distribution of the parklets we want to make parklets for neighborhood for more walkable areas so for people to walk into the business. >> we would like to have one on lakeside village where i live at there is too much of a parking problem and it would be a nice addition. >> commissioner richards. >> i think did program is incredible i one hundred percent support it there's a flip side in my neighborhood the first jane plaza struggled with how you can have the plaza on for
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everybody marilyn housed and not housed i know that the neighborhoods are looking where to draw the lines with the anti social behavior the pendulum is out of balance and understand ably the second issue that are a couple different kinds of parklets the workers' comp on ones and closed the on are the beverages on the front and some are closed the closed are around the corner because it bylaw becomes a privatization for the businesses in front of of it is an extension for the businesses the issue we've had at times they've private decided the
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spates times the enforcement team has not been there eye and hope we'll do more surveying like the entertainment commission did you we have situations like privatization their food is thrilled to the table so no one can sit there i hope we have a different kind of enforcement i'm noticing only an 8 and a half by 11 inch paper stubble in the window and parklets the renewal the neighborhood will have to be up on the actual when the renewal toopdz we were caught off guard those are probably few and far between but a down side especially, when y


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